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It's pronounced "Fronkensteen."
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I did find a short older discussion on this AFTER I tried out my new Web Caster this year. I bought this for myself after getting one for my Reaper Victim. https://www.halloweenforum.com/threads/web-caster-gun.110076/#post-1182179

A few lessons I've learned after playing with it for about 30 minutes.
#1) you need a large volume air compressor. My little 3 Gal compressor just can't keep up the volume. I get about 30 seconds-1 minute spray time before I have to let it sit for a few minutes to build up pressure.
#2) Ideal pressure. ~50psi. I started out at the maximum recommended, 80psi, and quickly found out it was too high. After playing for a bit around 50 psi seems to get best performance
#3) DO NOT use in windy conditions. I was outside in the display with it and even the simplest of breezes would mess with spraying. I either had to move to I had the wind to my back or wait for it to stop.

#4) Large distances - need support. Trying to get this to cover more that about an 18" span took some work. I've read where other put up some string or stretch web to use as a base support and built on top of that, I'll need to try it out.

#5) Web is very fine. It takes a while and a few sticks to get to the saturation I wanted, will probably do another layer. the 'glue' threads are very fine and not immediately visible, much like real web. If you are expecting to get the immediate look like you do with the stretchy fabric webs, you will be disappointed.

#6) DOES NOT react to black light, at the Clear sticks that come with it do not, even though they say they does. I layered up my Electric chair skeleton pretty good, took a while, but looks cool in daylight. went out at night and it was barely even visible under a 30W LED blacklight flood that illuminates all the other props very well. It reflects light like more like a real web would. Need to see how it show up under my strobe. going to try a thicker saturation. The sticks themselves seem to react, but that effect seems to be lost on the fine threads.

#6a) I see they do sell NEON sticks for the web caster, will need to try out. https://www.thewebcastergun.com/products/neon-yellow-sticks-for-webcaster-gun/'

#7) KEEP the air nozzle clean. While waiting for the compressor to catch up, the melted 'web' would run down onto the air nozzle. I had to find a different orientation for the gun, or clean it off when I was ready to go again. If you have a higher volume compressor, this would be less of an issue.

#8) have more sticks at the ready. Since the sticks come in 1/2 length and you go through them quickly, be sure to have more immediately ready to 'reload'


Will add some more images as I get more done.
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