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Are there any other inexpensive ($200 or less) weatherproof video projectors on the market besides the Ultra Projector? Would like to project onto an outside wall of my house without worrying about the rain.

black light queen
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i've used cloth "laundry hampers" for projectors ... i believe they're water proof ...
Bin bag Laundry basket Waste container Waste containment Beige

used 2 of them with the open ends together ... kind of looks like a tombstone
/ \
hope my crude representation is useful :)

obviously, the joint/seam in the middle would have to be taped with duct tape or something like that, which should give it some waterproofness

i had an old cookie sheet that fit perfectly in the middle in between the 2 hampers, which i put my projector on ... cut holes for the projector lens and another for cooling air ... i used a fan to blow hot air out ... obviously not waterproof with the holes, but clear plastic glued inside in front of the lens should waterproof that opening and if a vent is needed some sort of down facing ducting could supply cool air and exhaust hot air

maybe something to think about ... or not ... lol :)

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