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I hope it's not a silly question. But this is my first year with paper mache and noticed a big difference on how my props held up to the weather. I made a few props with paper mache this year and all have been outside for the last week even during some long rainy spots. Some were made with elmers and some with a water resistant glue and both used urethane sealers.

My big pumpkin rot guy held up pretty good which was made with regular white elmers glue, I kept a close eye on him but finally decided to bring him inside and dry out. He was still solid but I noticed a soft spot forming. I figured better safe than sorry.

My other pumpkins used Titebond II water resistant glue in the paper mache and he is still rock hard and still out there.

Does anyone have any good/bad experiences with using water proof or water resistant glues in their paper mache?
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