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Wearing costumes in public

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How many of you do this, like at public gatherings, such as street fairs, county fairs, state fairs, etc? Do you try and contact show management first to get permission? That was my first thought, but I'd like some advice from people who have done this successfully. I'm planning to go as Chewbacca. I'm currently putting the costume together, but for the work and the money, I'd like more people to see it than just at Halloween. By the way, I'm an older adult, so I wouldn't be prone to pranks or playing stupid tricks on people. Just doing selfies or solo photos with fans and enjoying being seen as I walk around the fairgrounds or wherever. What have been your experiences? Thanks.
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Most street fairs should be okay as they are public, as long as you are not charging for photos without a permit. Most State Fairs have code of conduct rules against covering your face. County fairs may be more forgiving but I would expect resistance. Malls may be okay as long as you are not advertising for commercial purposes and it is non-disruptive.

If you know your location - check the web for their code of conduct.
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