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Wearing costumes in public

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How many of you do this, like at public gatherings, such as street fairs, county fairs, state fairs, etc? Do you try and contact show management first to get permission? That was my first thought, but I'd like some advice from people who have done this successfully. I'm planning to go as Chewbacca. I'm currently putting the costume together, but for the work and the money, I'd like more people to see it than just at Halloween. By the way, I'm an older adult, so I wouldn't be prone to pranks or playing stupid tricks on people. Just doing selfies or solo photos with fans and enjoying being seen as I walk around the fairgrounds or wherever. What have been your experiences? Thanks.
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Adam Savage did this as Chewbacca inside a mall by the entrance to a T.J. Maxx (video is on YT), but he didn't say if he got permission from management or just walked in.
Excellent points and I thank you for taking time to reply, @Orgarob. Yes, I had it in mind that anything enclosed like a state fair or any venue that charges admission would most likely be the ones that will require something like an entertainer badge or something to prove it's ok for me to be there all suited up.

Have you had experience in dealing with management for cosplaying at their event? I'm trying to figure out how to approach them. I've played events as a musician, and we generally had some kind of badge to wear to prove we belonged there, but I was never the bandleader, so I didn't have to negotiate that myself, not that I'm trying to get paid, as we did playing music. I just want a smooth transition into the venue, and being able to show security something that proves it's ok for me to be masked up.

Thanks again everyone. I appreciate the participation in this thread.
@dane82 That brings up a really good question, something I just thought of: I wonder how the RLSH cosplayers handle this, because of course, they're playing "Real Life Super Heroes", handing out blankets and toiletries to the homeless, patrolling their neighborhoods etc, and they all wear masks in public. I think I'll reach out to their community and see what they say.
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that's a good idea. i've wondered if other places have ordinances as restrictive as ours (i.e., no masks for people over 12 years old on public property), or if they have them but they have exceptions, or aren't enforced very closely, or what exactly. i think the RLSH community would be a good source of info.
I found out that they tell the police who they are, what they look like in costume, and why they are there. Of course, a lot of those folks are there for citizen-policing, where I'm just trying to stay out of trouble while bringing smiles to people, so I think if I stick to shows where I can contact show management ahead of time, that's probably my best bet.

There aren't many free shows on public land here, such as our labor day celebration at the park, and that would probably be one to call the police business line about, just to touch base and make sure there wouldn't be any problems.

I don't look enough like Carrie Fisher to go as Princess Leia, so Chewbacca was my only other available choice for my budget, at least for Star Wars characters. It's tough being an older female just starting out with all the things like being a haunter for Halloween and then cosplaying other times of the year.

I've missed out on a lot. But that's also why I'm going to be a female wookie--I get to choose how she looks, like strapping my glasses to the outside of the mask, and I don't have to wear stilts to get the height. :cool: People might think it's silly, but of course it is, lol.
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