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They were in a huge old house.
Sam--"What did this place used to be?"
Dean--"It was a School, a Tavern and a Bordello."

We sat there waiting for Dean to say:"It was also a car dealership."
The building was full of ghosts.
If you have taken a tour of The Ravens Grin.......
You know why my Wife was going to burst out laughing IF Dean had said "Car Dealership".
The one psychic said there are 37 ghosts here.
Things do happen here of highly coincidental nature. Someone has turned the doorknob a few times, and no one is ever there.
An Emf meter did go crazy in one room here, two months later .. nothing. Same meter.
Quite a few things have happened here remain totally unexplainable because the mathematical odds are So High of some incidents happening.
"Sam! Dean! Where are you guys?"
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By any chance, is one of your ghosts a young girl?

Probably matrixing, but saw something in one of the upstairs windows while looking at Raven's Grin on Google Street View
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