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Mostly newbies, three tours for a total of only seven "bodies", but it sure was FUN! I got a pretty teenage girl to scream like no one could believe, in the afternoon, in a sunny room, in front of her two girlfriends, much laughter followed, and of course I was laughing with them! (N plain sight!)..!!
One late night couple drove 3 1/2 hours to arrive here, more "Newbies", MORE fun! (insert evil laugh ~here.)
The best was still the 3 1/2 hours we spent with my 3 yr. old Grandson the other day. My Wife is so Smart before we showed him the wine cellar ,she said, "Sean, we have a special thing to show you, it's ... "The BATCAVE!"
He is a big Batman fan, with the costumes, toys, ...why couldn't a 31 by 16 stone-arched ceiling room be the Batcave?
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