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Wait, they are not aliens, they have our DNA. they say they are here to rescue as many of us as their saucers can accommodate.
The world cheers! And proceeds to get in line, many people die in the process.
A huge asteroid will smack the Earth with enough force to wobble it into the sun!
"We all want to be saved!"
"We are doing the best that we can, but we can not save all of you.'
"Since we share the same DNA, we understand."

The voyage through outer space is a very long one, most travel in a state of suspended animation.
The space crafts finally arrive, bring the Earthlings to their new home.
"But where are the rest of our Earth citizens?"
"They died during the long trip, you understand, don't you? we all share the same .."
"DNA! Yes, we know, we understand."
"Disembarking please remain in single file and pass through gate 7, Thank you, we know you understand."
"Attention Earthlings, we have a statement to make, it is very important , please give us you un-divided attention, thank you, we know you understand."
"Because we share the same DNA"
"We Know!"
"We will now share the truth with you...we ate your fellow earthlings on the trip here, we were forced to this coarse of action or we would have starved since we had already surpassed the limit on suspension getting to Earth to rescue you all."
"Well, as our "Keepers" we knew where we were with you people, since we share the same basic DNA, so we put a slow-acting poison in our fellow earthlings, and you who dined upon "we" will be gone soon and this new planet will be ours and ours alone."
A grim, dark mood now hung over the entire population of the new world as some now held their stomachs and fell down, some exploding when contacting the hard surface waiting below their feet, they were defeeted!
A few strong voices yelled, "We knew you Earthlings would despise and eventually destroy us, that is why we set things in-motion to destroy.....
And he was.. gone... dead.... totally.
"What was he about to say?"
"I really don't have a clue? Search his pockets, see if there might be a clue as to what he might have been trying to say."
Hands slid into those common pockets, got close enough to a sensor to make the devices begin to synchronize, devices near and far away began to emit fumes that killed everyone and everything on in, or under this world!
Because, they all shared the same psycho-pathic DNA.
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