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We are going to the convention!!

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OK, well seeing how there is nothing on this topic I guess we will have to start it with 3 days left. City of the "Dam"med will be doing a free seminar on Friday re: how we use DMX and Light O Rama to run our home haunt. We also have a home haunt display that will be running our Tiki bird show.

Stop by and say hi!

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Rich, Haunted Nightmare will be there. I will stop by and say Hi.

Excellent! We are arriving about 5 on thursday to set up the display. Im going to use every inch of the 10x10 space to build a small sample of our yard show.
My husband and I will be there! Was already planning to see your seminar.

See you there!
So I just replied to this thread and it didn't show...dumb smart phone! Anyway it was a blast to meet everyone and I can't wait to do it again next year. There is going to be a NW Haunters group it sounds which would really be a nice resource!
Any pictures from the convention?
You have a tiki bird show?? I'm a big fan of the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. Groundbreaking, innovative show and the real introduction of animatronics into programmable roboticised entertainment.
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