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waz up!

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im dayna from nebraska
obsessed with o halloween
in person anyways
i love halloween i love the preparing for it the most cuz the night of goes WAY too fast
i know i joined last year but i didnt really use it so technaclly i think im new :confused: ;P well...
anything else you wanna know just ask
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jester girl
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wierd huh? yeah, we're maybe all a little wierd around here. that's what makes us all come up with such different and cool brainstorming. i've been told i'm wierd and i've always been proud of it.

Lord of the Cemetery
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Comments like that are the reason why we cant have nice things around here. :eek:
It's not Ruggerz fault that Larry won't let you have anything sharp..:p

Welcome Dayna..Welcome to the madness that is halloweenforum


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last yr i used to wear mismatching multi colored kneehigh sox EVERYday i was almost always trying to fit more colors into one outfit than colors in a rainbow im purty sweet and kewl :cool: lol
you guys are like the COOLEST tho. you are all creative and smart you have so much fun and you guys enjoy new ideas and crazy people ;) i LOVE and is OBSSESED with o halloween that helpd alot lol no worries im ALWAYS proud about who i am no matter if im "normal" as some people say or not
im me and thats all i need to know ;) when people call me weird i reply "i know right, thanks" SORRY this would be one of my i just had caffene moments!
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