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Water splash effect help - pirate cannon

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We are making 6" pools of water in our pirate scene. I'm looking to create an effect that appears like a cannonball is landing and splashing. I'm tossing around either using a fountain pump or some type of air compressor. Has anyone done something similar or could lend me suggestions as to how they would attempt this?
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Most effects like that use compressed air... usually a lot of it. I'm thinking, though, that a small pool would spray your visitors if your "explosion" got too big. YOu could try a pump, but you'd need it to start almost instantly and pump a huge volume of water. A small blast of compressed air is probably your best bet.
I know fright props sells the mechanism to do this effect. Maybe a close inspection of their product will help to get one DIY. I know I'll be trying to get one made in the next year or two. Could possibly be done with a typical air blaster cannon. Extend the pipe into the pool leaving the end just under the waters surface. When it's not active, water flows into the pipe. When it's triggered, you get your splash effect. Sounds good in theory, just need to apply it. I believe fright props version uses a waterproof solenoid to have it so less water enters the pipe. More water in the pipe and you turn it into a fountain rather than a quick blast. Maybe a check valve near the end would also help.
Yeah thats what I was thinking. Maybe air in a tube with a check valve. My friend who is the better builder of the group insists we use a harbor freight fountain pump attached to remote for quick on / off. He thinks that is the easiest and cheapest at this point.
Ice which mechanism on frightprops were you referring to. I was just trying to locate but only see their normal air sprayers?
Even a sump pump, with no tubing on it, would send up a tiny water spout with a quick fire to power. I think it would be rather lack luster myself. Your friends method would be like blowing half the water out of a straw. Water has mass that needs to be moved by the pump, so even a strong pump would start slow.
Ram made up some of his own. You can contact him through his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/ramathltol/featured
I know he is heavy into his build right now as most of us are but he may be able to point you in the right direction.
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