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Water reflection lighting effect

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Does anyone have a source for or know of a tutorial for the shimmering effect that water throws on walls and ceiling?
Much as I'd like I can't use real water. I've seen some of the DJ stuff but nothing seems to be able to cover most of a large area say 10 by 12. They seem more like a round spot of water.
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I used the aurora wave lights as they r way cheaper than some other options (around $15) mine has color options but a cheaper version, Daren wave light, comes in just blue and is around $8 but keep in mind the area needs to b fairly dark. These units take batteries and shut off after 1 hour but it just takes a second to reset...Btw I had 2 and it covered my entire room, walls and ceiling...u just have to play with placement. The closer it is to the wall the less coverage u will get. Oh and the lighter color your walls are the brighter the effect (all my walls are dark but the wall the flag is on in a dark green)
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I've used the fire and ice spot lights (in blue only and a combo of blue and green)...gives off a nice water like effect...there is also clear if you don't want a color per say, and it gives the same reflective look.

This is early morning, mix of blue/green fire and ice spots

Majorelle blue Water Ice Art Performance

This is night time, blue fire and ice only
Blue Light Lighting Darkness Electric blue

Depending how far from the wall you put it, they will cover a very large area. I can get the entire front of my house with 2-3. You could probably get your 10x12 ft area with 1-2
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My blue wave light works pretty well. Covers a large area in speed of motion is adjustable. It's from eBay. About 20+ dollars.
Sorr5y for not replying sooner but thanks for the input folks. As it turns out the scene where I was going to use it may morph into something totally different.
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