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I could see putting this thread also under Crafts but I'm planning on using this product to accent some props so thought I'd post about it here instead where it might be better seen.

I've been trying out a product called Aleene's Paper Glaze "for dimensional designs and laminating". So far I think it does a nice job creating water dew drops like the ones that you see sometimes on faux black roses for Halloween. It hardens to a clear glass like bead. I applied it to some clear cellophane to see how it would do on a fairly non-porous surface and while it took a few days to totally become clear (the thicker middle of drop seemed cloudy for a while), it did finally go clear.

Here's a link to it on Jo-Ann Fabrics (says online only), I bought mine at Michaels in store.

Aleene's Paper Glaze : Paper Mache & Decoupage : Crafts | Joann.com

I'm thinking of applying it to a traditional halloween spider web hoping it will glisten when lights are on it. I could also see using it to create tears coming down from cemetary statutes. I'm planning on building a few gravestones with the statutes adorning the tops of them and thought it would make a nice touch when lit with a small LED spotlight.

wow, thanx for the info. was thinking of putting teardrops on my 'Beloved'. this may work. and I really, really like the idea of putting it on a spiderweb!!! :)
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