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Warrant's Props: Tombstones

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I decided to make my own graveyard, pretty much from the ground up (rimshot please). I'll post and update my tombstone progress as it goes. Here's the first round of progress pics. Not sure why I'm doing 4 at once...

First tombstone attempt. I'm not very happy with using the pressed-white-bead foam board, as those things shed like a Sheltie in summer. But that's all Home Depot has.

Mini-monolith. 1x2"'s for the frame and foam board for the sides. Gorilla Glue seems to work fine on gluing foam board to the wood.

Everyone needs a Beloved tombstone, right? :) I printed out the word and used an X-acto knife to make the letters. The foam took a lot of sanding to get it smooth and remove that dotted foam-bead look.

Holy Cross tombstone. I used a hot soldering iron (with lots of open doors and a ocean breeze) to carve the details. The red is the next round of carving lines. Wifeypoo actually said she likes the red on it and wants to keep it. ??? I had to check her for a fever to make sure I heard her right. She likes it?! :) I'll probably carve (meaning, melt) it then after the grey paint go back with some high-gloss red paint in that part of the fret-work.

Now I know, once they are done I can do all the grey painting at once!
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