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Going bump in the night..
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Halloween is a unique time, in that everyone is given free license to be someone they're otherwise not, and behave in a manner they otherwise wouldn't.
With this in mind, I wish to thank all those who participate in the current traditions with an attitude of civility and gratitude:
  • The excited, over-charged children running loose, who still have the manners to give thanks and show respect in their actions (admittedly, the acceptable envelope has been understandably stretched to allow for the energy and chaos of the night).
  • and those that open their doors and cupboards to squadrons of strangers, perfect and otherwise. Effort, materials, and fiscal impact all play into the depths which one can reach, but if you give, I thank you deeply.

Frankly, we only had one child for the entire night, whom I felt wasn't deserving. When offered their treat, they flatly stated, "I don't like that. Gimme something else." to which I responded (with a smile), "Then you can have nothing."
It was almost comic to see the look on their face - I don't know that anyone had simply told them "no" before.
I did add that they can have what I offered, or they can have nothing, and it was their choice. After some time, and a number of other children receiving treats with a well-mannered "Thank you!", the child finally held out their bag. I dropped in a treat with a smile, and wasn't surprised when they turned and left without a word.

So, overall, a very good night, and one to be thankful for.
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