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Wanted to buy a Pirate Captain Prop

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I want to buy a pirate Captain for my yard next year. Ebay had one for $56 a few months ago but I can no longer find him. He was a hanging pirate. I have found one similar but this is a lifesize standing pirate but it is not available. If anyone knows where I can get this or has one to sell please contact me. It does not have to be this exact pirate just something that says HEY I am a captain, as I am putting this pirate in front of my ships helm (which I still have to build lol.

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Erin, if it's a hanging pirate captain you're looking for, why not make one yourself? Get a hanging ghoul or a blucky, and then visit your local thrift store and find some clothing - a women's blouse w/ ruffles, black capris, cheap boots, short coat, belt, bandana, eye patch, and plastic hook. Weather the clothing and attach to your ghoul or skelly.
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