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I am looking for almost any Spirit Halloween props except for any Regan prop. The list below however are props in particular I am looking for. If you have any spirit prop at all please tell me if you are willing to sell or trade.

Midnight Countess prop
Mad Scientist prop
Crated Mummy prop
Caged Beast prop
Any Micheal Myers prop
Uncle Charlie Clown prop
Bite Sized Clown prop
Grinning Gertrude or any from that witches scene
The " Donna the Dead" with her holding a head
The OLD Freddy Krueger prop for 2006
Jason Voorhees from 2008
Reaper of Souls prop
Frankencuted prop
Lab Techinition prop
Zombie bait prop
Eaten Alive prop

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i have a few id be willing to part with

Death row
High Voltage (both are 2012 versions)

Ghost Girl


if interested in any just reply in a comment thanks!
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