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Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy the life-sized standing pirate skeleton prop sold at Spirit Halloween back in 2007. He stands five feet tall on a black stand, wears a tattered brown jacket, and has an eye patch and bandanna. He has lights all over his body and I believe he uses an adapter (It could be batteries too, though. I can't remember). Here is the original picture from Spirit's website so you can get a better idea of the prop I am talking about:

Skeleton Toy Mannequin Figurine Action figure

If you have him, I would be interested in buying him for $100. I live in Minnesota and would prefer local pickup since I'm not sure if he can collapse. but if you can ship him I could probably pay the costs. I would also prefer if it had the original box, but he is from so long ago I understand if he does not. Please send me a private message if you do have him, and thank you! :D
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