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WANTED: Giant Ben Cooper Masks (Target Store Displays)

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Hey all!

I'm looking for the giant masks that Target used as store display pieces during the year 2003, I believe.

Product Junk food Advertising Snack Fictional character

Here's a photo. I know they're out there, but haven't had any luck. I'm particularly looking for the Frankenstein, Cat, and Clown.

They're primarily for an event, so if you're not inclined to sell, I'd be happy to rent them and incur shipping costs as well.
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Have you seen these?


Each Ghoulsville Vac-tastic Plastic Mask measures approx: 23" high x 17" wide and 4" deep, has die cut eyes and weighs roughly 18 ounces. Content of mask is vac-form plastic including an attached cardboard backer with a single 2" diameter cut out hole for easy hanging purposes. Display box measures 24" high x 18" wide x 4" deep & has clear plastic window making it a terrific package to display.
I know that's not what you were asking about but they're a good substitute if you can't find the larger ones. They're pretty cool to have in general, they're a good size too. I have several of them & they're pretty awesome.

This is not me, but it gives you a good idea of the size:
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Have you seen these?
Hey! Thank you very much, my friend. I JUST clicked off their site: these are a great substitute. Thank you for sharing!

I am holding out hope to find the big ones, but... if all else fails, these are excellent, and I'll definitely be picking up a few.
Retro A Go Go has their stuff on sale today. They call it "Scratch N Stuff". You can get their large masks for $20. Now they may not have a box to go with them, they may be a little damaged but you can get some of their discontinued ones.


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Hello, I was going to auction this off , just got this a few hours ago. View attachment 728149
@eartharoundme do you still have that clown display available?
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