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Wanted: Gemmy 6 foot Jason Voorhees animatronic(2007)

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Hello haunters or collectors. I am searching for a 2007 6.5 feet tall Jason Voorhees animatronic. He was exclusively sold at Spirit Halloween and Spencers. He was based off Freddy Vs Jason. This specific version had more hair then the 2008, 2009, or 2010 version. The arm with machete was posed upright strait and sometimes leans to the side. He has 4 animations plus sound. His arm with machete swings up and down. His torso and head turn side to side. His eyes roll side to side. He has a purple activator button on the front of base. His mask is removable and there is a creepy face. I will pay $200 for him. Figurine Outerwear Costume Fictional character Action figure
Headgear Helmet Art Machete

Beard Fictional character
Electronics Technology Art
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