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I am looking to revamp my Halloween display for 2014 and one of the ideas I am playing around with is based on an Electric Chair. The thing is with the many items I have to build for the new theme, building a chair too would be very time consuming.

I would be interested in purchasing an old electric chair prop that someone is no longer using, but it has to fit a certain criteria:

1) It must be able to support the weight of a real person (up to 300lbs).
2) It can be dismantled easily for transport and storage.
3) It doesn’t have to be fully decorated or themed as I probably will make changes to suit my needs.
4) Doesn't have to be finished wood, but would have to have the arms well sanded as I don't want people who sit in it to get splinters.
5) Has to be located within 30 miles of Babylon, Long Island, NY for pick up reasons.
6) Price limit is $150 (unless there is extra detailing or included items that would warrant a higher purchase cost, in that case I would go to $200. But nothing over this as I have to keep to a budget).

I could also entertain a possible trade if you are interested in a singing pumpkin display or Magic Mirror as I am retiring the Magic Mirror and downsizing the singing pumpkins for 2014 (either one would come with a computer with the programs necessary for operation). You can view this link to see both items in action:


What is included in the trade specifically would be discussed if both parties agree to go this route and this will be in a PM only.

You can post here or directly PM me if you have something.

Thank You,
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