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Since we have a werewolf scene in our haunted trail, I thought of a funny gimmick that I knew the farm and patrons would love. I feel like so many years of freelance graphic design has all led to this point. Why? Because this is the most professional and important I've ever looked.

The proper businessman in front with the orange tie is my face and some random guy's suit and body. Behind me is Matt, the show runner of our walkthrough. I was put in front because it happened to work better compositionally. At least, that's what I told Matt.

The guests will see this sign posted directly after passing a dog house with a rabid dog/werewolf inside, and a few "Beware of Dog" signs. It's the last bit of humor before the last scene.

The sign was printed on corrugated plastic at a local Staples. Still, I hope this can be considered a worthy prop on this forum. Yeah, there's not much handy work but there definitely was a lot of digital work done.

Hope you guys had a quick laugh at this anyway!


Font Event Advertising Photo caption

Screwed to a simple 1x2 post because budget.

Poster Text Font Suit Advertising

A closer look.

PS. Sorry for the messed up images. I can't figure out how to post them correctly.


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