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I concur with P5 about Craigslist.
The two projectors I found for her were in really great shape.
I got to see them working in person, and check the bulb hours.
Pretty amazing deals out there. I'm sure Jana won't mind me saying that the one I found for her a few weeks ago was only $35 dollars!
It had less than 300 hours on the bulb, 1,700 Lumens, 2000 lamp life hours and was originally 6K new. The other projector I found was a newer Epson for a bit more, but not much.
Here is a link to the
Hitachi projector I found for $35 bucks.
Good luck with your search!

:eek: I think you should check on Ebay and Craig's List for a good used projector. A forum friend has found 2 projectors for me with really low bulb hours on Craig's List, and in great shape. These are projectors that sell for over a thousand dollars new. BTW, this is my first year with projectors and projections as well. I have purchased Mr. Chicken's tombstone projection for one of my front row tombstones and I want to have a singing pumpkin projection near my candy table, and a ghost in the graveyard projection projected onto scrim. All my projections are going to be outside, so I have to build tombstones to "house" them in, so I have a bit of work to do. Rather than buy a new, cheapo projector, your money may be better spent on a quality used projector. I am a newbie on projections, but I've been researching it quite a while. Just a suggestion.:)
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