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Want to do a ghost projection this year

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I've got $75 worth of Sears/Kmart gift cards that I'm looking to purchase a projector with to do a ghost projection in our front picture window this year. Looking at this on through the online merchants site - http://www.sears.com/infocus-in2124...p-00342166000P?prdNo=6&blockNo=6&blockType=G6 Seems good, but a quick cross reference search on amazon reveals a huge price difference! Am I missing something in the item I'm looking at? Is there some fine prints I don't see that explains why this projector is so much cheaper that the same model listed on Amazon? I'm suspicious.

Anyways, I've never tried projections before and I'm learning the art of projecting a convincing image from scratch so help me out. I will have a table directly across from the window about 7 ft away that is below the level of the window to set up on so the projector should not be visible from outside unless a very tall person is viewing, or someone goes right up to the window and looks in. How close should the scrim be to the glass to avoid reflections and what material would help in not creating reflections? I'm sure I'll be full of more questions if I move forward with the plan.
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Sears website. That's the issue right there. Nightfisher, the 2.17 weight is actually the weight for the projector but in KG (so poor web entry work), but more importantly the price is for a replacement lamp for that item. If you followed through with either that listing or one of the two others sellers listed and put the item in your shopping cart you will see the picture for the item being sold is for the projector replacement lamp, which pricing now makes more sense.

I have bought off Kmart's website in the past a few times (website is the same basically as Sears who owns them and runs it) and you do have to be careful looking over the items before clicking Buy. I really don't like their website for a number of reasons. Sometimes the item prices seem outrageous on first glance, so it can go either way. And as in this case, the website item wasn't actually the item being sold. In the past an item was listed as In Stock from Kmart and when I called Customer Service after I got an order cancellation found out there wasn't even in one available in any of their warehouses even though the website still showed In Stock. Total waste of my time and tying up my credit card until the order was cancelled. Now if you were actually looking for a replacement lamp you would never know it was for sale either. I have placed my order by phone in the past feeling maybe it was a better way to go. Really not a fan of using their site (for any of their related companies).

I did get a damaged resin snake (garden item) from Kmart which had been packed in a large box with no real packing material, and will say that their Customer Service was way better than I expected. But still it was a given the item would arrived broken the way it was packed so why even ship that way was my thought. Anyway that's my past experience with them. Sometime Kmart will have sales that make it worth the effort of ordering from them. Probably could use your gift card with Kmart as well. They do have some decent halloween mdse occasionally online and I have found a number of garden items (wagon wheel, croaking toad, snake, Gemmy firefly LED lighting) useful for my halloween haunt as well. If it were me I would use your gift card up as soon as you could and get something for it.

Good luck and yes you were right, something was definitely off LOL.
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