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Want to convert snowman into pumpkin monster. need ideas

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So every year I grab more and more of those lighted pumpkins to the point where I have a good sized pumpkin patch that the kids really like.
Time to make it a little evil and scary by combining it with my graveyard stuff.
I wanted to add this from Home Depot but I didn't see it until after Halloween and now it's been discontinued.
Orange Calabaza Pumpkin Jack-o'-lantern Plant

So now I'm going to make my own.
I have a good sized snowman figure, wire frame with fabric type of thing.
The fabric didn't survive last Christmas so.... time to go Dr. Frankenstein on it!

What kind fabric do you folks recommend?
I looked at a local fabric store and didn't see anything orange that would allow some light to show through but I might have missed it.
Does that type of fabric have a name?
I'll need some in green for the hat and black for the arms too.

Some thick bendable wire for the arms and hat and black fabric for the cutout faces which should be easy to do.

I have plenty of mini led spotlights to light this sucker up so I guess it doesn't have to be see through fabric.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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You could try mosquito netting. If you can't find it in orange you could dye white netting orange..

I would look for thinner burlap. I know craft stores sell orange burlap ribbon.

I would take a flashlight into the store and try fabrics.
You could use cheesecloth but as debbiedowner suggests you would need to dye it. Any craft store has the Rit cloth dyes but I don’t know if they have orange and it probably won’t be as bright as what you show in the photo. You might also consider stretching your fabric and then simply spray painting it with a bright orange paint or even one of those glitter paints if they make it in orange. Go over to Michael’s and wander around for awhile. I am sure you can find something that will work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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