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Want opinions on my track list! Please help

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Ok. I pasted my track list on here I would Like some opinions on what you guys think. I pit the Halloween tbeme on here atbout ten times or so but in different versions. Some of the music I found on iTunes. I just have a simple yard-haunt so I am not too worried about copywrighting.

Halloween theme - The Ghost Doctors
The Fog Main Theme- John Carpenter
Phantasm Main Theme*
H2O halloween theme
Haunted House- John Carpenter
Exorcist Theme*
Scary Music- halloween horror
Halloween 2007 theme*
hellraiser theme
the omen theme
the graveyard- halloween horror
Halloween 2009(if released)*
the x files theme*
the torture room- halloween horror
Halloween 1978 theme
the witches den - halloween horror
ammityville horror
the shining
music from the depths of hell- album on iTunes
Halloween theme(neutral)
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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