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Walmart Vintagey 2017 finds

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OK, I have sorted & taken pics of the extra stuff I have. PM me if you're interested & I can give you a shipping cost.

All I'm asking is the actual cost + shipping. I'm in MD so consider that in the shipping cost & time factor. The none of these things are very heavy, even the busts are probably about 1-2lbs. each.

I have an extra bat bust & an extra crow bust. Both are working & both are pretty awesome. They're both $14.97 each.
View attachment 482025

This is a wooden stand up witch plaque like the pumpkin stack & black cat. I only found one. It's $5.84 + shipping
View attachment 482033

One pumpkin lady figurine, she's $6.98. Would've bought the extra black cat that matches her but it was missing 3 fingers on one hand & they were nowhere to be found:
View attachment 482041

I have one extra set of these, they're $1.84 each. You can have them all or one or whatever combo you'd like.
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View attachment 482073
View attachment 482081
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View attachment 482097

And for the piece de resistance,I NOW ONLY HAVE ONE EXTRA DotD skull MASK!!! They're $9.97 each & once again, not heavy but it will take me a minute or 3 to find the right box for these things. They both worked with the testers when I got them over the weekend then those stopped working. They were all on the top shelf outta reach of kids hands so I'm sure they weren't tested to death. I can put batteries in them to test them but that would mean I'd have to ruin the packaging but I will do that if you'd like.

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Sent you a PM on the cat mask, second from the bottom on your list.
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