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Walmart and Beyond.

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Well we went shopping at a dozen places today...Including Walmart.

Well they had shelves full of Halloween Stuff... IN BOXES. I asked an associate when they were planning to put it all out and she said "I dunno, sometime soon"... I love how vague that response is! They DO however already have out THOUSANDS OF POUNDS of Halloween Candy. 3 Aisles worth. I did Buy some. Some Candy Corns. But Flavored! Pumpkin Spice and Apple Cider... Both of which are very tasty... and only $1.88 a bag!

I've included a Picture. I know there are people on here who crave this stuff, and these are awesome!

Big Lots was a totally different story. They had like 5 Aisles of Halloween Stuff. All Overpriced IMHO. I mean $15 for a cheap skeleton that Walmart will sell for $10 is absurd.... and 10 Flicker Lights for $9.... Still they were in full fledge Halloween Mode, and I loved every minute of it. I bought some placemats, and a cute Candy Bowl.

Joann's Halloween Aisle is pathethic this year. 2 Aisles, and one of those is costumes. The actual decor is beyond cheap and severely overpriced for the quality. I've never been so disappointed. I did however manage to get some AWESOME sparkly skull fabric for my skirt for my costume. $9.09 a yd ON SALE though.

We went a bunch of other places that had nothing to do with halloween too, so I won't post about that stuff....

but im telling you. these candy corns totally rock!
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Our WM still has school supplies out. Not even a sign of Halloween, other than the Wilton cake decorating stuff. I'm not expecting a lot this year anyway, as bad as last year was.
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