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Walmart 400 watt fogger review

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I bought a fog machine from Walmart today, this is to replace a 400 watt Gemmy that the heater gave out after 8 years. The primary purpose will be to have a bit of fog coming out from the edges of a coffin. I set the fogger, timer and all in the coffin and set the timer for a 5 second burst every minute or so.

The new fogger is also 400 watts, with a wireless remote key fob similar to a command start on a car. I wasn’t interested in wireless control, as the old unit is connected to an older wired timer that came with it. I took a chance and bought it anyway (mainly because there was only one fogger on the shelf to choose from), hoping the old timer (the timer, not me) would work with the new machine. Usually when I buy anything, some serious research goes into the purchase. But when I’m buying for Halloween, the cave-man in me grabs whatever is on the shelf and says “ME WANT DIS”. Anyway, the old timer (once again, the timer, not me) works with the new fogger!

The price is $31.00 (Canadian Pesos) for the new machine, so I wasn’t expecting high performance. I was pleasantly surprised; it should work well for my use. It does put out a decent amount of fog, with a recovery time of about a minute. Warm-up time will definitely be longer outdoors with our cold climate. Dispersion is 8 to 10 feet; this is using the cheapest of cheap fog juice. I had no trouble with the machine spitting out un-vaporized juice.

Now for the cons: I don’t like the hose coming out the top of the tank, it could be easily snagged and broken. There is no illuminated power switch, no power switch at all actually. The only way you can tell that power is on is by the led on the remote receiver or timer, and that doesn’t come on until the machine is warm enough to produce fog.

But don’t forget the price. So if you are looking for an entry level fog machine for a small area, this will probably do nicely. Here are some photos, including the old timer (one last time cause the joke is getting old, the timer, not me). I’m sure there are other folks here with the same timer wondering if a new machine will work with it.:cool:
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