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Wall Torches WIP

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Made from a cheap extendable lightsaber style toy, only 50p,(Bought two two) just unscrewed and turned the torch around and put on a plastic flame shape I had (From Ikea possibly?) It can be easily removed to change batteries by just sliding it out.. Has several different colours and flash effects. Empty upturned pot with craft foam crenelations and banding , with an old small Halloween skull glued on to form the brazier. Needs a papier mache wood effect on haft and more detailing on crenelations, (So it doesn't just look like an upturned pot with triangles on it!) studs and the like as well as a wall mount.(Maybe a chain or skeletal hand holding it?. Suggestions would be great!)

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I'm not sure what lights you mean but it's about 4 inches wide and 6 deep but the haft extends into the cup about an inch where you slot the torch handle which itself is about 2 inches wide. If that helps?
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