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I'm so pleased with this prop-in-progress I had to share. I saw a walker at a garage sale and scooped it up. I decided to try to make a lurching prop and figured the best way was to put wheels on it. I've worked with servos and pneumatics but this was new territory for me. I decided to use wheelchair wheels. (That's probably overkill for this guy but will come in handy for next year's iteration.) Here's an early version.
I ended up welding a frame and using a caster instead of all those back wheels.

The wheels are driven by Dimension Engineering's Sabertooth 2 x12 motor driver and controlled with an Arduino. 4 servos (in the neck and legs) bring the character to life. There's also a proximity sensor (and there will be more) to stop it if anything gets too close and a kill switch. Here's a short video of Walker Stalker in action.
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