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Walk through accident waiting to happen?

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We have a wheelchair ramp attached to the porch right now. Initially, I intended to block it, because I was afraid of kids tripping or falling down it. It's pretty steep...not professionally "graded". I cannot take my son down it when it's wet, because there's no stopping.

However, I want to enclose our porch temporarily, and make a haunted parlor out of it. I was thinking that I could turn the ramp into a tunnel. Certainly, I would keep it blocked on both ends if it were wet.

Should we not use it at all? I'll snap a photo of it, too.
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Hmmm...see I kind of have an opposite opinion. I would make the steps your entrance and the ramp your exit.
I'm looking and i'm seeing you have several steps they'll have to go up...and it's concrete. So if going "up" is
a safer option, wouldn't entering on the steps be the safer option? And if you're doing a haunted parlor I think
it would be cool if you hid the exit behind like a rolling bookcase if you had somebody to move it for the ToT's.
And maybe something like a strip of carpet could be put down to help with traction?

Just my thoughts! And it is a nice porch!
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