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For me, it would all depend on how your walkthrough is set up. If the come up they steps, and they "chicken out", then it will still be fresh in their mind that they have steps to go down to leave. Running up steps is easier than down. If your walkthrough ends with a startle scare, the ramp is the safer of the two to rush people down. Anytime you invite anyone into your property, there will be a risk of injury. All you can do is try to avoid it. I would recommend no matter which flow patten you choose, to walk it a few times yourself. More important is do NOT use zip ties to hold a structer together that will be around guests. Make it secure.

On a side note, to cover the grade of the ramp aspect, I would think a sign indicating "steep grade ahead" would be good, with the added car lights and horn about halfway down the ramp. One final startle scare as they are leaving.
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