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Walk through accident waiting to happen?

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We have a wheelchair ramp attached to the porch right now. Initially, I intended to block it, because I was afraid of kids tripping or falling down it. It's pretty steep...not professionally "graded". I cannot take my son down it when it's wet, because there's no stopping.

However, I want to enclose our porch temporarily, and make a haunted parlor out of it. I was thinking that I could turn the ramp into a tunnel. Certainly, I would keep it blocked on both ends if it were wet.

Should we not use it at all? I'll snap a photo of it, too.
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First of all. Great big HUGS to one of the world's most fantastic mothers. I love your family.

I think the tunnel sounds like a fantastic idea. You might have little ones who don't want to walk through it. So would it be OK for them to go the other route up the steps? I have little ones come here that balk at the simplest of things. You want to be prepared for that.

I have very uneven topography in my front walk through display and am ALWAYS anxious about people tripping. My gut feeling is that walking UP the ramp is the best way to go. If someone turns around and walks back down, that will create an awkward moment, but I don't think it should be too bad. This kind of stuff happens all over on Halloween night. It's kind of expected... those awkward squeezing by other people up and down front porches all across the land. LOL

So they come up through the tunnel to get their candy, you point your elegant arm and send them away down the stairs past the cemetery. Sounds like fun. Utilizing the ramp as a tunnel really doubles the fun!

Have you even seen how the Roses of DarkRose Manor created tunnels on their front porch? The tunnel is such an AHMAZING effect in a small space.
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