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The biggest safety factor in a Haunt (In my opinion) is ... "No RUNNING!" Or even quicker than normal walking.
We must use our over active imaginations and apply them to "What If?" Thinking. Seeing what could happen" if."..and then taking steps to make that "thing" Not happen, if at all possible.
Part of this is and will always be communicating,and even repeating warnings and concerns to those we are trying to entertain and any helpers we may have.
No Running!
"You (them) don't have to run,because we won't be chasing you!"
Here, tonight,a young woman kept telling me she didn't want to be scared... but she was screaming about things that nobody ever gets scared from?
I did scare , and "get" her boyfriend several times and he made very loud noises as I scared him.
When we were up in the cupola she looked out a window , there was a truck out there in the parking lot. We finally figured out it was her Parents,who had followed them for almost three hours here to make sure she was OK. ?
The boyfriend said a couple of times that he was already planning to come back and see the house another time (without her?)
It was kind of a "different" time here tonight.
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