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Walgreens Lighting Finds

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I was at my local Walgreens today and found these on clearance. The are the 3 outlet outdoor power spikes with a 6 foot cord for $3.89 seemed like a really good deal.

They also had spot light holders for $3 and some change. These are nice holders. they have a removable ring (3 screws) above the socket that makes it very easy to mount a baffle on your light. I used these same ones to build my light cans using a 1 gallon paint can. :)

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Ooohh, love the black shade, lol. And ran down to my Walgreens this morning and sure enough they had the spots and the 3 -outlet spikes on sale -- woot! Bonus was that the Habit for Humanity Restore next door had new Blue floodlights for $1.50=)
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