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Walgreens Animatronics 33% off

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I was talking to someone from the Wal-Mart thread, and they were saying that the $14.99 animatronics are now $10 up until today which is Saturday. (This is in NY though.) I don't know if this is true or just a mistake at that Walgreens, but if it is, I'm giving you guys the heads up because you have up until today to get them if they want any of them.

I wento to a Walgreens in IL, and they don't have them for 33% off. I don't get why NY has it, but IL doesn't??
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I'm in NY and they had last years items on sale but nothing else. Who said they were 33% off?
Read in this topic the last 3 posts:


Now, it's over though (I guess this was till Saturday.) All I know is they didn't have them over here for $10.
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