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So, as some of you might know (from previous posts), I've been working on my "Mr. Bones and the Gourditos" for this year using an SSC32 board, VSA, and a newly purchased RAPU 5.0 (very cool!).

One thing I found out (the hard way) is apparently I had the baud rate set in VSA to something fairly high (can't recall what it was offhand). I had recorded all my songs and was ready to go. Then, I ordered the RAPU and tried to download the files to it. It complained about a baud rate not being supported. So, I changed VSA to like 9600 baud and downloaded the files. I noticed that the movements were way off when they played back (even when played from the laptop again). So, I assume that changing the baud rate without re-recording the files somehow affects this.

I re-recorded all my songs again at 9600 baud (ugh) (and added about 8 extra channels of leds (just on and off)) and noticed when I recorded them (using a joystick and VSA) that I noticed a lag. It didn't seem to be as responsive as it was when I used the higher baud rate. It is almost like it is trying to process too many commands and it gets behind so sometimes the servos are lagging and then other times they catch up.

So my question is (if I haven't confused everyone :)) how can I fix this? Is it a problem with:
1. the laptop not being able to handle things
2. adding the additional LED channels (I currently have the SSC32 controlling 10 servos, 10 channels of LEDs)
3. changing the baud rate to 9600
4. something else?

It isn't terrible and I could probably live with it (I know the kids will love it anyway), its just that it worked SO well before.

Thanks for any help!
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