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VSA and relay bord problem!!!

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Hey guys.

Does anyone have experience with VSA and relay board from Northlight system ???

Can not get to my work.
DMX comunikasjonen works 100%. servo board works as well as all dmx PAR lamps lights

Help .... has 5 pneumatic props waiting for signal

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In VSA settings are you setting it up as DMX relay?

Remember DMX in VSA is one DMX address lower. Example: If your DMX relay board address switch is set to 54 then the DMX address in VSA is set to one address lower making it 53.

Are your configuration jumpers set correctly on the DMX relay board?

Do you have the device set in VSA to DMX relay?
Yes it is set up as DMX relay.

Have tried most of the dmx address options.

Have tried with internal and external dmx terminator

The only thing I have not tried is an AC power supply. I only have a DC
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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