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Voodood Headdress

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any one have any idea how I can make this for my costume
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You could use a an 'alice' style headband as your base, and use florists wire to attach the feathers to the band so they stand up. You could use different shades of wool to make the plaited hair and just add some beads here and there. You will probably get a plastic skull in the dollar store.
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what is an alice headband?
It's a really wide headband.


I'd agree. Get a wide headband for the top, floral wire & floral tape, feathers, yarn that you can braid into braids or dread up, you can also buy small braids at the dollar stores either in the toy section or the beauty section. They're synthetic but for one night they'd work. Right now Dollar Tree has headbands with hair attached & they do have some that are black but it's hit or miss. They also have neon colors too.
I did a Witch Doctor costume 2 years ago which would be similar and I used a headband and used a real animal skull found at the dear lease,added feathers, and it attached with glue gun. it was heavy but was well worth it. Feather Hairstyle Mask Headgear Carnival


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What an amazing job! Makes me want to try a Witch Doctor/Headhunter theme sometime soon. :)

I would think that building it from a wide headband would be the way to go also. The local costume shop where I live has beaded braids. I think they are supposed to be used for pirate costumes, but it could be easily modified. Any craft shop will sell the wooden beads that you can use to string the pieces along the front.

Best of Luck!
Look up make dreds from synthetic hair on Google. My phone is 10% or I'd link it. I made them for pirate costume with cheap pack of hair and curling iron. Very cool and easy just tie beads in. Use 2 dif colors for more depth.

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