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Voodoo on the Bayou 2014

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Here is a link to my 2014 Voodoo on the Bayou pics. This year I got a lot of my ideas from Pinterest, so if the original prop idea is from a fellow forum member please let me know and I'll credit you ASAP. I would like to than Obsessedwithit who sent me some AMAZING skulls, bones,and misc. bayou props. Also thanks to Ghost of Spookie who tracked down and sent me the craz-e bonez crow Skelli (Tweety Bonz) that I had been desperately searching for. Thanks also to October Pun'kin aka punkineater who gave me hours of advice and help making great stuff skulls.
Please swing back and let me know what you think after you've had a chance to browse through my album.

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I'm a sucker for southern gothic/voodoo and your yard is incredible. I love the little details throughout like the beads on the window. That is alot of twigs and woodwork and I appreciate dedication to detail like that.

The jars hanging from the trees reminded me alot of the Bayou of Blood scarezone at Universal this year. Were you at all inspired by them?
Absolutely stunning work, showing all your characteristic attention to detail. Hard to single out any one scene or prop as a favorite, although I'd steal your mausoleum in a heartbeat! That tape victim is off the charts as well.

And you know I've got to ask... how many of the animal skulls were real? :p
INCREDIBLE bayou haunt, THL!!! Love ALL of it....mausoleum, backwoods shack, all the props, bones, lighting was fantastic!
Way to knock it out of the ballpark, girl!
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That was absolutely fantastic - I love how everything fits the vision of it... love that the entryway tree is back again, love the pentagram wreaths and paintings and the voodoo altar, all your lifesize figures and their gorgeously detailed costumes, the skeleton jazz band, all the little things in the bar and the bathroom, the Bourbon Street lamppost made me laugh - it was just perfect, the devil, the 'wrought-iron' window grate is gorgeous - I would just keep that up all year, and the voodoo victim - what a perfect use for those tape ghosts - could not have been better. The whole feel of it is just so wonderful. Amazing! I'm going to have to look at your pics again and again, I can already tell!
You did a great job. thanks for sharing. Everything was a feast for the eyes. I had to pin a few things to pinterest, such as the pentagram wreaths, and the mausoleum. Your home is beautiful.
amazing you did a fantastic job wow love it all
With every new photo, I just couldn't get over how much you did. Extraordinary!! You outdid yourself this year. Everyone must have been over-the-top amazed. I am going to go back through your photos for the 3rd time now. So many details to pick out each time around. Thanks for posting your beautiful haunt.
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You already had my jaw dropping at the beautiful details of the window. Then I saw the entrance trees. I want to know how to make them! The jar lanterns, the fog, pentagram wreaths. A mausoleum!

THEN...WHAT?!?! You carried the theme inside too?!

I am blown away!
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I could not hit the link to your photos fast enough! WOWZA! Dat is awesome! You did it again. :D
Now, I am going to 'pinning' you so hard you are going to feel like one of those voodoo dolls. ;)

Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent and home with us.
Oh my word thank you for all your amazing comments! You guys have no idea how much I needed to hear this. Maybe because I'm in the bowels of clean up hell! Lol
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Utterly fantastic work with this theme. Having just done it for the first time, I can attest to how difficult it is to do right! Amazing job!
Too funny, I got up with this urge to think out a way to voodoo on the bayou our house...come here and look what I found. Brilliance put brilliance...u did an amazing job!!!!
Truly Brilliant!
so many things to think about, have some details on your witch jars and that crazy flying voodoo doll?
That tape sculpture .....WOW.My fave. Let me close my jaw. I love all the pentagram wreaths, stunning.
Everything was PERFECT. And you say you do alot of stuff last minute. Yeah, right. ;)

Kudos to the photographer....perfect shots of the bayou and the house of voodoo......
OMG, THL!!!!! you once again amaze me, like matrixmom said, let me pick my jaw up off the floor! I have a list about each picture, will get back to you on individual scenes, but just wanted to tell you how wonderful it is,, wow, wow , wow!
Wow! Wow! Wow! I absolutely LOVE it all!!!! Love the shrunken heads, love the shack, love the voodoo queen,... I really love it all. Amazing job, THL!!! :) :)

{You need to tell me how you made that shack!! It is fantastic!! :) }
wooooooooooooo eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee girl....i now know i have to start in the spring to even hope to keep up with some of you guys............omg....incredible...i love what you did. we get so humid and hot here in the summer the last thing i am going to do at my middle age is go work outside on big projects...springs it now...lol...everything was awesome. i love love love what you did...incredible details....
thl it sure comes down alot faster than it goes up though....i hope you blew everyone away who came to your party!!
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