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Lumped these 4 together since they are similar type stores & not heavy traffic in the past...

Macy's - Had some good stuff by Martha Stewart 2 years ago but was lacking & a lot of 3rd party last year.

Neiman Marcus - Some stuff very expensive & saw lots of Karen Didion pieces & some Bethany Lowe & a couple others I never heard of.

Pier 1 - On-line only now I think since their bankruptcy (shame!), but has some unique wall hangings (nothing like stuff they used to have). Liked their Halloween ornaments.

Von Maur - They normally don't have a lot but what they do have is pretty nice. They've been sneaking in a piece here & there. Usually good for a water globe or 2 & other lighted pieces. Just found this infinity pumpkin today.....pretty expensive & they don't have coupons:

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