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This is Dave at i-Zombie Productions. Besides making i-Zombie Lightning controllers, my son and I have a business called Unique Perspectives which shoots virtual tour photography as well as aerial photography with remote controlled helicopters. One night a year, we throw the one of the biggest Halloween parties around. For some very cool virtual photos, click on the pictures below. We haven't gotten around to converting them over to Flash yet, so you must have the free Apple QuickTime download installed to view these virtual tours. After clicking on a picture below, you can left click and drag your cursor around to see 360 degrees. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

For lightning controllers go to: i-Zombie.com

Barn - Front

Barn - Rear

Mummy's Tomb

Frankenstein's Laboratory

Dave Pape
i-Zombie Productions, LLC
26263 Pawnee Road
Valley, NE. 68064

Phone: (402) 359-8735
Email: [email protected]
Website: i-Zombie.com
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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