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Vintage Halloween

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If anyone has any vintage Halloween memorabilia (cutouts, candles, etc.). I'm an avid collector of anything pre-1980. Some common brand names are Beistle, Gurley, Empire, Bayshore, Union, and Dennison.
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Hey I just ran across this post. I have 2 sets of unopened Beistle 9 1/2 inch halloween cutouts. There are 4 cutouts in each set. It says they are printed on both sides. I dont know how old they are. I found them at a thrift store about 2 years ago thinking they were old, as I know Beistle has been around a while. The packaging is a little discolored but the cutouts themselves are in great shape. If you know how to tell their age let me know. Also I have pictures and would gladly post them.
If the cutouts are two-sided, I'm afraid they're fairly new. The cutouts you are mentioning (I'm guessing) are probably the most famous of Beistle's Halloween designs.

Are they these?

If so, it's an old design, but the product you have is not old. The vintage ones are actually marked Luhrs (or unmarked at all), single-sided, have no green ink in the design and are heavily embossed.

Hope this helps!
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Yep, its those. Sorry I couldn't help. I will let you know if I find anything else that you may be interested in.
Check Retroween.com every once in a while. Occasionally you'll see exclusive elusive vintage items there.
I know it. Unfortunately this year there was a list of items I wanted from that site, but when I went back to actually buy them, they were all sold out.
I believe I have some of those from when I was a kid. as I am pulling out halloween I will watch for them. They might be a little beat up . I will post pics for you if I find them. Talk about bring back memories. I promise I will let you know if I find them!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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