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Villein was a term used in the feudal system to denote a peasant (tenant farmer) who was legally tied to a lord of the manor – a villein in gross
Villeins were somehow retained on their land and by unmentioned manners could not move away
Landlords, even where legally entitled to do so, rarely evicted villeins because of the value of their labour.

....so why would death break that contract right?

I know a lot of people jumped on the 12 ft skeleton and it almost seems sacrilege to think on this, but my immediate reaction to seeing it was: GIGANTIC CROPPER!

For those that don't know, Cropper was a last minute throw it together concept for the city scarecrow competition in 2016. I was in the middle of a massive house remodel (nearly doubling the size of the house), and was inspired by a mummified sweet potato to create a...well...thing.

This has been a favorite of my kids and some neighbors...but I was never happy with it (aside from the head).

And if you've known me long, you know I don't let such things lie. I'm going to revisit ideas till I'm happy with them.

So. On to Villein.

The concept of a larger Cropper formed almost immediately on completion of Cropper.

I even went and bought an oversized heart jello mold for the eventual build. I'm still not sure if I'm using the actual mold as the heart, or am going to use it to cast the heart, but the intention is for a translucent, if not clear, heart this time. I was GOING to say with one of the faux flame lightbulbs inside to make it 'beat', but we've been having so much fun with these smart string lights for christmas, I'm going to look into a shorter string of similar before making a final decision.

I'm also plucking the eyeballs and sticking a fire and ice light in the skull.

Other questions as I sketch this concept out are how to power the heart. Do I run an extension up and down the legs every time, glue it in place, etc. There's some access points available, but the knee and ankle could get difficult/annoying to run a cord each time.

The elbow and neck joints/disassemble points are areas of focus as they are a little less robust and I want to look at possibly fusing those to areas permanent. For my storage, that's not a huge loss as I'm not stuffing it back in it's box anyway.

There's a metal support up the spine I want to see if the cosmetic shell spine can be permanently mounted to that metal support or if that would prevent access to the pin to assemble there (and can I just drill out an access point.

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