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Viewing HalloweenForum with mobile web

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I have a few meetings in the afternoon that I'm required to attend and has nothing do to with me. So I sit and surf the web with my Blackberry. I try to view the forums here, and I've not found any settings to make it easier.

Is there a version for mobile web, mobile phones ?
Anyone view these forums from your mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone ?
And if so, are there any setting you use to make it easier to view ?

I know, so many questions. This isn't something I do all the time, just every once in a while. :D
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Hey Larry, Yeah, It squishes everything to fit the screen width. I've tried turning images off, but then I can't navigate, because you can't read the buttons to push.
I thought there was someone on here that posted with there mobile phone?
Just wondering what their setting where.
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