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I found this linked in a 2+ year old post of mine, but I thought I would post it again, since it reigns as the best party we have ever done (this year will be our 17th) and there are probably some new haunters here. Below are the details on the video:

Here the whole thread on that party:


Details on the video and link to it below...



Ok boys and girls, if you can swallow a 16+Mb mp4, here ya go.... (thanks ylbissop for the tip on TMPGEnc, I downloaded it, pretty slick...)

Some notes on what you see and hear in the video:

The camera is placed on a stair railing in our family room, which has a 22ft high vaulted ceiling.

The dry ice boom is swung out from an opening in the left wall that opens to the upstairs hallway where the dry ice machine was. At the beginning it is not seen, but after the lights go out, it is swung out. You can’t actually see the boom, but you can see tattered cloths that were hung from it. It was an 8” flex pipe on a counterweighted boom. 50 lbs of dry ice pellets were dumped into the tank right before the music kicked in.

People have been drinking for 2 hours, and get real loud when the lights go out.

You can see them carrying and waving glow sticks.

At the start, most of the guests are in an adjoining room to the right where all the food and drink is.

The sound effects track is worth listening too, although the crowd noise kind of drowns it out. I worked on it for weeks. I bought a Sinistersonics .mp3 and overlaid it will all kinds of voice me and our kids did, ripped thunder tracks off of CDs, etc. My DJ console is in the bedroom at the top left of the screen, you can see me walk in there at the beginning, and then hanging out there turning on lights and stuff with the X10 remote.

The sound during the event was accomplished by starting two separate CDs simultaneously. While the whole mix was done in a single Cool Edit pro session, but separate CDs were burned, one with only the thunder and some other SFX that I wanted to trigger the strobes (twin 750 Watt), and the other with the music and SFX that I didn’t want to trigger the strobes. Only the last 2 voices heard are ones I didn’t do, they were on the sinistersonics track. They are really creepy and people suddenly got real quiet. One CD players output is split to a small car amp and the audio signal drive the strobe triggers. As you will see, the effect is incredibly realistic. Also, some thunder lightning hits can then be timed with the music. Watch how one hits right when the music kicks in. Also, before the music kicks in, some of the non-thunder SFX triggers the strobes.

You can hear the voices say things like “there are people here”, “I see lots of them”. Then I did one that says “Leave them. Do not torment. Give them light, give them music! <lightening hits>”. Not sure how many people actually heard all that. I mutated voices using Cool Edit pro….

What looks like a table to the right of the bedroom door is actually a JBL JSX-115 speaker, another one sits atop a subwoofer in the right corner, also covered with cloths. No one had any idea that sound system was in there until the first lightening hit.

The little floating ghost was my sister’s last minute idea. She ran a fishing line guide wire from the top of the stairs to the far corner of the room, and she had another line tied to him so she could make him dance along. Watch how in one part he slides all the way down, disappears into the fog column, then reappears (right after the “Lighting and Sound Design” credit rolls past)..

The projector light that comes on right when the music starts is an American DJ “H20” light, it was mounted right next to the camera atop the stair rail. Of course I could turn it on and off with the X10 remote.

The video was chopped up quite a bit with the editor in some places, so the audio is choppy too.

PLEASE RESPECT my ownership to this video and DO NOT copy it and post it elsewhere on the web.

Here’s the URL (at long last…!)

http://www.thebugshop.org/movies/Halloween 2006_event_only_360x240.mp4
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