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I always stay for the credits!! Never know when those creative types will throw in a bonus. Loved your yard, loved your props, loved the music, loved the video. I bet you throw a great party too!

You had a lot going on in your yard and what for me set it apart is that it was so unique compared to other yards in most neighborhoods-- seemed like you did a lot of homemade stuff there and it showed in everything from your trees (saw Martha sell a table top version years ago, how hard was it to make BTW and did they stand on their own?), to your scientist lab effects (nice size -- how did you make the large tube with swirling water?), to your pumpkins (not the run of the mill faces). I really enjoyed the vortex -- was that purchased or made? Even liked your inflatable (and I'm not a big fan of these). Really nice job.

Can you post links to the 2004 and 2007 videos BTW? I see you've been around for a while now and am curious what other stuff you've done that I've missed. Thanks.
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