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Video for 2008

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I just joined youtube a couple of weeks ago and i finished my 2008 video and posted it last week. I also have 2004 and 2007. but I think the one for 2008 is the best.

Let me know what you all think
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Loved the video and the music.
What was the name of that first song? Something about a zombie jungle?

Zombie Jamboree
Performed by: Rockapella

:) You forgot to read the credits :)

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I always stay for the credits!! Never know when those creative types will throw in a bonus. Loved your yard, loved your props, loved the music, loved the video. I bet you throw a great party too!

You had a lot going on in your yard and what for me set it apart is that it was so unique compared to other yards in most neighborhoods-- seemed like you did a lot of homemade stuff there and it showed in everything from your trees (saw Martha sell a table top version years ago, how hard was it to make BTW and did they stand on their own?), to your scientist lab effects (nice size -- how did you make the large tube with swirling water?), to your pumpkins (not the run of the mill faces). I really enjoyed the vortex -- was that purchased or made? Even liked your inflatable (and I'm not a big fan of these). Really nice job.

Can you post links to the 2004 and 2007 videos BTW?
I was not quite as adventures in the 2004 and 2007 videos (no music) but they look OK.

I like doing the home made stuff because you then get a lot of the "where did you get that?", "I made that myself", "WOW". That gives you a nice warm feeling on the inside. Not to mention the price is right.

The trees do stand up by themself. We did have a day or two that was very windy and had both of them fall over, I moved them off of what they landed on, waited till it calmed down and back up they went. No damage done.

The swilling tube of water is a novelty item, Think SPENCERS. Same catagorie as a LAVA light, or one of those lights filled with glitter and goo. You cant tell in the 2008 video, but i think you can make it out in the 2007 video, but in the tube are floating several EYE BALLS. tube is filled with water, air is pumped into the bottom, along with a light bulb and color wheel.

Pumpkins, I just go for the old fashion carving. My daughter and I did them.

The vortex was hand made. You can see a bit more of it in the 2007 video. (one fan, one mirror, one laser, lots of fog)

Inflatable----Love that one, I have not seen it anywhere else, and i dont think its to tacky :)

2007 Video

2004 Video
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