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Very rare gemmy animated life size props decorations

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Hello fellow Haunters,
I have for sale some very rare Halloween items.
Before any inquiries, you must follow these rules.
So here are the items for sale.
1. PROTOTYPE! Hungry Harry.
This is a prototype for the following reasons:
1. Motor for turning head
2. No Motherboard or audio.
3. Was meant to turn side to side and rock.
I am only asking $300! This is worth thousands!
2. Ghastly Groom.
This guy is in great condition.
Works perfect.
Great prop.
Only $175
3. Heads up Harry (Mini)
Great prop.
A little lob sided, but amazing, works perfect
4. Gemmy porch greeter ( Mini Reaper )
Only $40
5. Scream Ghostface Life size (NOT GEMMY! PAN ASIAN)
This guy also comes with the phone, I bought somewhere else.
I want $100. I bought him for $199. But last year he fell and cracked a pole.
Works perfect strobes and makes scream noises.
The phone is really great condition, has a slight crack in the left side of phone.
Only $100 for both!
6. Headless Horseman prop
Nothing wrong with this 6ft prop.
This one did NOT come from Spirit or Party City.
I paid $199. Nice prop no animation. Just talking and fiber optic pumpkin.
I really only want $140, he was only used once.
7. I'm Not sure if I want to sell her, if I don't get this price than I won't.
This is the AMAZING Gemmy Cauldron witch.
She works great except for the eye and moth movement.
This is going to sound funny but, I bought her for $400.
So, when I open the box, her head is smashed! I took a half bleach bottle and taped the head structure and the bottle.
She now is stable and works perfect!!!!!!!
Cauldron is amazing.
I only want $250.
I really like her.
I do have other items, but they are not for sale, just to let you know when I show you the items.
All prices, except for the witch are OBO.
Thank you,


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Hey! I see you have the mummy, can you tell me how he works, where the adapter goes? We found one at a garage sale ($5.00!) but did not come with the ac adapter, nor do I see where it would go.. where it buckles in half, there is a broken part..in the back, I'm thinking that's where it would be. Could you give me some info? Thanks!!
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